​​​​​​​ERO Report

Shannon School's local curriculum is well designed to promote and support student learning .... The school has developed a distinctive approach to meeting the needs of students. Teachers, school leaders and trustees prioritise inclusion of te ao Māori across the curriculum and strongly support performing arts, sports and music.  Community wishes and clearly documented framework guide programmes.  Students experience many opportunities to succeed and show leadership.  - ERO Report June 2014



Our curriculum provides an up-to-date, balanced and positive learning environment centred around inquiry learning, using digital technologies, and our local environment as a base for much of our learning.


We are a well resourced school.  We have a Music Room, Art Room, School Gardens, Performing Arts Centre and Learning Action Centre (with cooking facilities).

Digital Technology:

We are up-to-date with the latest in digital learning.  We provide iPads, Apple laptops, Chromebooks, wireless interactivity, broadband internet, SMART televisions and 3D printing.  We interact with parents/carers through Seesaw. Staff & children are digitally knowledgeable. Most online interaction is through Google documents and Apps.