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Shannon School Te Kura o Hanana.

Shannon Primary School provides a secure, happy and challenging learning environment where children are given many opportunities to develop intellectually and socially.  We recognise education involves a partnership between home and school working together in the best interest of each child.  We are very much a local community school.

* Shannon School's local curriculum is well designed to promote and support student learning ..... The school has developed a distinctive approach to meeting the needs of students.  Teachers, school leaders and trustees prioritise inclusion of te oa Māori across the curriculum and strongly support performing arts, sports and music.  Community wishes and a clearly documented framework guide programmes.  Students experience many opportunities to succeed and show leadership.

We are a full primary school which means we have classes from Year 1 to 8.  We have the option of Year 1 to 6 children learning in our Rumaki Reo, total Maori immersion class.  We also have a preschool onsite that directly feeds into our junior school, as well as a local kohunga reo and playcentre.   We provide an up-to-date, balanced and positive learning environment centred around inquiry learning, using our local environment as a base for much of our learning.

* The principal, well supported by a strong leadership team, works collaboratively and provides direction to improve student achievement and teacher practice.  Leadership structures and processes promote schoolwide achievement and ongoing review of practice .... Staff members know students well and have a shared responsibilioty for their learning and wellbeing.  Teaching is adapted to meet the needs of students.

We expect high achievement and effort of our students and this is acknowledged and celebrated.  Social skills are encouraged through contact with students of differing abilities and through our close bi-cultural interaction.

* Clear values and virtues, principles and key competencies are explicitly promoted and reinforce student well being and success.  Many learning opportunities are based on students' inquiries ..... Students are highly involved in their learning.  They have a good understanding of expectations in relation to age and year level and are supported to set goals to achieve these.  Teachers share achievement information with students in order to encourage students to become independent learners .... The school actively promotes an inclusive culture to accomodate students with diverse needs and interests.

Shannon School operates an open door policy and has a warm, approachable staff.  It is our firm belief that working closely with families enables us to provide an opportunity for children to develop into happy, educated, life-long learners.

* Parents are well informed about their children's learning.  Meetings between students, teachers and parents provide a useful platform to share progress of students towards their goals and for parents to understand, and contribute, to, their child's learning .... Shannon School has a close partnership with its community.  There is regular consultation on a range of issues and evidence that this partnership contributes to the wider school wellbeing.  stduents are well listened to, involved and influence decision making.

* ERO Report June 2014

Message from the Principal - Murray Powell

I have been principal of Shannon School for the past six years. My background in education spans over 30 years and I have taught and led in a wide variety of learning environments - Music and Drama specialist, taught in all levels of the school, the highest to lowest decile ratings, Australian and New Zealand schools, city and rural communities.

I am passionate about learning and the creative Arts in particular.  I love to see the children, staff and parents/caregivers engaged in and excited about their own learning journeys. In May 2014 we had a very positive Education Review Office report which reflects the very positive teaching and learning that Shannon School is engaged in.

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In November of 2013 we launched our Senior student inquiries on the history of Shannon people and landmarks.  Please go to the following site to take you to the amazing children's work.



Also in November of 2013 we digitised our school class photos and other memorabilia on the Horowhenua Kete site.  If you are an old pupil check it out!!



125 YEARS - EASTER 2014

What an amazing event.  Photos are now available - general photos from the school and class photos from the Photographer.  Please refer to 'Facebook Page' under '125th Jubilee.

ERO Report - 2014

If you would like to read our latest Education Review Office report from June 2014 please go to our menu bar and click on ERO under Information.

As with our 2011 ERO review we are very proud of this ERO Report as it reflects the great teaching and learning that is happening at our school.

"The school is well placed to sustain and improve its performacnce.  An ongoing cycle of self review informs decision making, strategic planning and resourcing.  High expectations are set by school leaders who are well aware of the next steps for development."


Here is a copy of our key school document.  Our strategic Goals for 2015-2017 are:

  • To enable personalised learning journeys
  • To grow our unique curriculum and learning environment
  • To foster whanau engagement
  • To accelerate student's learning and progress towards or beyond the National Standards


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